Experimental phonology

Description: The data come from an experimental study of obstruent-liquid clusters in French and Spanish. They were collected in Argentina (Argentine Spanish), Montreal (Quebec French), and Toronto (Quebec French, French French, Chilean Spanish) in 2003-04. Speakers were university educated males and females ranging in age from 23-60.

Data elicitation: Participants read the target words (n=49) mixed with distractors (n=27) in carrier sentences in random order three times (Rounds A,B,C). Most participants also read the language-appropriate version of the fable 'The Northwind and the Sun'.

Study nameOL Clusters (Colantoni and Steele 2003-04)
Speaker codes
  • French - Quebec (11)
  • French - France (12)
  • Spanish - Argentina (17)
  • Spanish - Chile (10)
  • FN021-031
  • FN032-043
  • SN097-107, 119-122, 133-134
  • SN108-116, 118
  • French - Words
  • French - Passage
  • Spanish - Words
  • Spanish - Passage
Phenomena codedVoiceless & voiced obstruents; laterals; rhotics
Recording equipmentArgentine Spanish: Sony ECM-R100 desktop microphone. For the three other varieties, see here.

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