Dialect Atlas of Argentina

Description: The data were collected by Laura Colantoni in Argentina for the Linguistic Atlas of Argentina (Director: Ofelia Kovacci) from 1994-97. Speakers (Male: 49, Female: 46) were born and lifelong residents of the locations under study and ranged in age from 25-65. They had elementary education or less (some were illiterate) and various occupations (farmers, public servants, among others).

Data elicitation: Dialectological interviews were undertaken individually with each speaker. Recordings took place in a variety of locations and, where possible, in a quiet room. Interviews ranged from 1 to 3 hours, and included vocabulary elicitation plus short narratives.

Study nameLinguistic Atlas of Argentina (Colantoni 1994-97)
Speaker codes  SN001-096
  Buenos Aires  
  Corrientes SN005-006, 011-016, 021-032, 035-036, 039-040, 043-050, 059-062, 067-068, 071-078, 081-084
  Entre Ržos SN019-020, 037-038, 063-064
  Misiones SN009-010, 053-054
  San Juan SN001-004, 007-008, 017-018, 033-034, 041-042, 051-052, 055-058, 065-066, 069-070, 079-080, 085-096
StimuliTopics covered: body parts; games; local traditions; names of animals and plants; animalsí body parts; jobs; tools
Phenomena codedConsonants (stops; palatals; rhotics); vocalic sequences
Recording equipmentCassette recorder; unidirectional condenser (laveliere) microphone

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